Monday, September 8, 2014

First Week in Twin Falls!!

Sooo I finally made it!! Twin Falls is a beautiful area. The town has a small town Willis feel to it so that's nice! Except they have like no food here.. butttt I am in the Twin Falls 24th Ward and everyone says its the best ward in the mission and after only being here a week I can tell it is true!! They absolutely love missionaries. They feed us so well and always help out! The ward missionary leader is such a cool guy! He is willing to help us in any way possible. We don't have a car cause our area is small enough to walk places, but we almost always have a ride from member's, investigators, or other missionaries! The stake president here is suppperrr big on member-missionary work. He asked everyone to fast on Sunday for missionary opportunities! Oh and baptisms aren't that high in the Twin Falls mission, on average of 1 a month, but in this area it is super busy! Partially due to the missionaries before they really stirred up the work. We had 3 baptisms last month and my companion and I just scheduled 2 for this month!! My companion is Elder Cook. He is District Leader in this area and also my trainer. I have to be patient with him cause I am a fast paced Texan and he likes to take his time. I have grown to love being here with him though! The people here absolutely love him! They all talk so highly of him and he is a great missionary and the spirit definitely speaks through him. He has a lot on his plate, just became DL and trainer all in one week so I do all that I can to help him! (the joke around here is that the DL's companion is like the bishops wife ahha). Our apartment is big and has a lot of space... It is just kind of.. dated.. lol. But it has everything we need and it is actually really comfortable! But moving on to other things. The high priest group leader here is Bro. Parkhurst! He is a way cool guy! He is old but he has a funny sense of humor and he comes with us a lot. He has a strong spirit and when he speaks he speaks with such power. He is one of my favorite people in the ward! All the members are great though. I have met mostly all of them and I love them all. They are great people and just love Elder Cook and I! (Everyone love my color of hair here. They like it because its not pure red head, its like auburn and they say I must be royalty cause of it and my blue eyes lol). So our area covers like 3 nice neighborhoods, some farmland with nice houses, and then this trailer park that is actually pretty nice for trailer parks. My favorite family lives in there! They are the Carter's. The dad is recently come back to activity and we are teaching his wife and daughter. We are over there a lot. They love us and they are so fun and cool to be with. They cook for us a lot and always overfeed us :) and they buy a 2 liter bottle of soda for each person haha. So they definitely take care of us and love having our company. This member family, the Rasmussen's, feed us every Friday night! Well they are signed up for the next two months ahah. They fed us steak and potatoes.. soo good! And Elder Cook says they always make some great food. The mom and kids are originally from Argentina and the Dad went on his mission there and met her! I told him that my dad served there and he wants to know what part! They have a German shepherd mixed with husky!! Reminds me so much of Kovu :/ Anyways there is so much to tell that I probably missed a lot of important stuff but I love and miss y'all!! Thanks so much for the package, I got it on Saturday!! Made me super happy to get the pictures, letters, and treats :) 

-Elder Bean II

Elder Bean with President and Sister Curtis

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