Monday, September 22, 2014

One Month!! Two Baptisms!!

Saturday was my month mark!! It was way cool. So last week flew by! I loved it. We had Zone Conference on Thursday! Took up most of the day but it was good. Really learned a lot and it helped so much! Friday we had exchanges with the zone leaders! But first we had to go to the mission home with like 14 Elders to help out with a flooding problem. They had cut trenches in the concrete and jackhammered so we had to remove the rock and dirt. Coming out on my mission I thought I was leaving the Ashton work life behind but boy was I wrong! Only this time I wasn't getting paid haha. Oh well it was fun to bond with the other Elders. Met this Elder Taione and he is a way cool Polynesian!! He is playing football at UCLA when he gets back! We were talking a lot about convincing Pres. Curtis into letting us play a football game North Zone vs. South Zone. He told me that during the transfer meeting he thought that him and I were gonna be companions haha. I know I am with Elder Cook for a reason though! Even if we struggle to get along sometimes. Which was why I liked exchanges on Friday so much because on Thursday we had a rough day. But it was great to go out with one of the zone leaders, Elder Nelson, (I was in a truck instead of walking everywhere!! so awesome ha) and just to be able to talk. Really helped a lot to just talk about things with him. Then Saturday things were good with Elder Cook and I! We had two baptisms!! Scott and Lori! Hahah I got blindsided and Bro Mallory, the ward mission leader, called me out to bear my testimony. Really felt like an actual missionary haha. But it was good and the Spirit really was felt in the room. Then I got to stand in on the confirmations on Sunday! Really powerful stuff. Gave this sick woman a blessing yesterday too! It is so great to exercise the authority we are given! Crazy to think I have been out a month! Saturday was a day to remember! First two baptisms and my month mark :) I love it out here and I miss Texas so much!

Love and miss y'all :)

-LOVE, Elder Bean II

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