Monday, September 15, 2014

It's a Blessing Being in This Area With Elder Cook as My Trainer!

Soo this week went great!! So my first week was an adjustment week, I felt overwhelmed and my mind was going crazy cause of the drastic change and all. But this week was way better! I am so much more comfortable in the area and with all the people! Soo we were at a service project on Tuesday and there was country music playing :)) made me think of home! Soo just a run down on some people here. Mardall is an older lady that has gone through more than anyone should ever go through but we visit her a lot and she says to call her Momma Mardall :) She is kind-hearted but has an interesting personality.. haha. Her faith is growing and it is so great! We were reading in Alma 34 with her and I testified and the Spirit was so strong she started tearing up. It is moments like these that I love being out here. Then there is Scott who is getting baptized on Saturday! and Lori is getting baptized on this Saturday too or the next! They are great and they love the organization of the gospel and their faith is growing!! So our ward momma here is Sister Truscott :) She takes care of us and she is in her 60s. She feeds us anytime someone cancels their dinner appt. or if we are hungry or anything! She gave us a box of 8 hamburgers for the week since she will be out of town. The Wixoms are like our grandma and grandpa. They give us so many rides places! They took us to eat Saturday and then we went to stake conference that night and Sunday morning with them! They are an older couple and are so funny :) She has the cutest personality and he is funny and cool to be with! The people in this ward are so great I can't say that enough!! It is definitely a blessing being in this area with Elder Cook as my trainer! He is great and we are getting closer! The guy has been through a lot and he has so much faith it's amazing. We still see the Carter's a lot! They are like our family here and they aren't in the best situation but they still offer to do anything they can to help us. They are less active and we are teaching their daughter Jesse. They have great hearts though and they are funny to be with! So as I mentioned before we had stake conference this weekend! It was great. President Harris is pretty close with us and we talk a lot (we are his favorite missionaries haha). He gives great talks on hastening the work and stuff! He uses object lessons so it was interesting and pretty interactive! We have a good week ahead of us! Zone Conference on Thursday with President Curtis, and then exchanges on Friday with the Zone Leaders! and then Baptisms on Saturday! I am having a good time out here. Really loving the work and staying focused really helps it go by fast. I am already in the 3rd week of this transfer!!! SO CRAZY! I miss everyone!!

Love, Elder Bean II :)

Here are some pictures from the MTC that Noah sent today, along with some pictures in Idaho.

MTC district

Look who I saw in Provo, Will Leishman from my Stake back in Texas,
He's going to NY, NY Mandarin speaking.

Modern art piece.... Noah said they're not all his

The apartment

With my companion, Elder Cook

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