Monday, September 1, 2014

End of the MTC - Heading to Idaho

Ah!! I go into the field to Twin Falls tomorrow!! everyone else left this morning for Houston and South Africa so it’s just me, Elder Hainsworth and Elder Nillson! I am so ready to be out of the MTC and be in Idaho.. I don't know if I could of handled staying here for months at a time I get too comfortable and I like change. I can't wait to find out who my trainer is. Hope he is cool :) soooo I had a really good week! We taught this REAL investigator at the TRC center here at the MTC. His name is Ben Smith and he is a cool guy just looking for the truth! My comp and I had some pretty frustrating lessons at first because he wasn't very open and didn't show much emotion but we ended up really helping him open up more and invited him to read and to pray and it helps so much! It's not about what we teach or how we teach it, its about inviting the Spirit to connect with the investigator and to let them learn through that! Only the Spirit can give true understanding to the heart. Elder David A. Bednar (my favorite by far) gives so many powerful talks and we got to watch another one and this one was called "Doctrines, Invitations, and Blessings" or something like that. But it was so great and explains how to use simple steps and how to effectively allow people to find answers on their own and to guide them with the Spirit. I have noticed substantial differences in class and teaching lessons when I am focused that day than when I am not. I know my weaknesses and through the Lord they become my strengths :) I realize how much potential I actually have if I stay focused and put all my trust in the Lord. It makes a huge difference for my mission! The MTC is a great place to learn and feel the Spirit, but I just want to be in Idaho so I can put myself to use! This mission will bless my life so much and I can already see how much it has. I pray for like 15 minutes every night for everyone back home and just anything in my life. I have seen the Lord work in my life and answer my prayers. I know with all my heart I am doing the right thing and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else than on this mission. Even if I miss home like crazy, I know I am supposed to be here and I want to be :) Love and Miss y'all soo soo much!!

-Elder Bean II

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