Monday, January 19, 2015

Inspired Tracting and 3 Big Dogs

So great overall week! Super excited that Ohio State killed Oregon last Monday :) Anyways Tuesday we had a great District Meeting and I gave the Training on How the Book of Mormon Testifies of Christ! It was good and Elder Risley (our District Leader) closed with his training too. He is an awesome District Leader. Like he is such a great leader and way cool guy. He goes home in May but he is so focused still! We have been doing District fasting and praying lately and it has worked miracles! We have already hit our new investigators goal for the month!! Crazy. 

Wednesday we had good experiences with our new technique of Inspired Tracting! We walk around the area around our house and we just knock the doors that we feel prompted to knock and we have found so many less actives, recent move ins, and people looking for a stable religion! We have a lot of potentials now! All nice people too. So we went out to dinner out in Castleford which is like 15 minutes from Buhl (we cover a pretty big area) and we decided to visit some names on the directory since we are using the miles to be out there already. So we went to this house out in the country and our car gets surrounded by these three humongous saint bernards... like off the Sandlot... no joke. I was like uhhhh.. but we decide to get out and they were nice dogs and didn't do anything but rub against us hah. We walk up to the door and this guy steps out and he yells "Come on in Elders!!" so that took us a back. Then we go in and have a talk with him and his name is David K. and he is an inactive guy with a nonmember wife, but he watches General Conference and Mo-Tab all the time! He just says he doesn't like some of the members. That was a cool experience and he said just come by anytime.

Thursday we went on visits with our Ward missionaries in the Clear Lakes ward and Bro. Wood and I went to visit Colton and Diara W. We knock and Diara answers and looks to her husband Colton to see if it is okay for us to come in and he hesitated a lot but we ended up getting in! We had a great visit. He is not religious at all and she is less-active. She is 19 and he is like 22. Bro. Wood started talking about miracles and Diara said "a miracle happened tonight.. he let you in" and then on the way out the door he steps outside and says to us "Feel free to come back anytime". I know for sure that he felt the Spirit when we were there.

Friday I needed a break so we went and helped Bro. Hutchinson on the farm! Hard labor is such a good relief from the everyday grind! It was awesome and we got muddy and snowy so it was fun :) That night we had lesson/dinner with the Cunninghams and recommitted Colby to the 7th of February for his baptism! 

The weekend was good and we got a lot of good visits in and such. Sunday we went to the "Great to Be 8" thing for the primary kids getting baptized this year and helped them out. Then we had a great lesson with Mark!  Mark really is seeking for truth and help in his life and the gospel has so much to offer him. He is a great guy. And during the prayer I prayed for him and his daughter Neveah and afterwards he looks at me and says. No one has ever prayed for my daughter like that. Thank you, that means a lot. It hit me then that he cares so much for his daughter and that this gospel will have so much more meaning to him that it can give his daughter something that nothing else can! 

Anyways I had a great week and Love being in the service of the Lord. This is His work!

-Elder Bean II

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