Monday, January 12, 2015

Training is Awesome and Following Promptings from the Lord

So it was a good week overall! Tuesday we had a great Stake Meeting on Success and finding the Successes in everyone and their situations and working towards having success. Wednesday was transfers! Got my new companion right out of the MTC (not the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.... quote from the movie Suits on the Loose ahha). He is Elder Bunker and is cool! From Georgia, but has an Australian accent that he has had his whole life even though he has never left the states hah. We get along good though! Thursday was fun. His first full day and we went and taught this member family that is really awesome and taught them like practice lesson! Their daughter is getting baptized and so it was good for her and us! Friday was great. Had such a fun district meeting!! Elder Risley is our new District Leader and he is awesome! Great missionary. We then went out to the farm for a couple hours to help Bro. Hutchinson with service and to break in the greenie ahha.
Saturday had a great experience!  We were driving around trying to visit people and either they were busy or not home. Like no one was answering their doors... I was bummed out. So we started just to drive back towards our house to do some area bookwork or something and I saw this girl walking on the side of the road. I suddenly just felt so prompted to talk to her. So we drive ahead and pull over but when we get out she walks past us and had a hood on with her head down and earphones in. So I was like oh well... but then I STILL felt prompted that we needed to talk to her. So I was like what the heck? So we drove farther ahead and went over a street, parked and got out to start walking towards the intersection she would be headed towards. When we turned the corner she had her hood off and earphones out and then I just didn't even know what to say so I was like "Hey" and she stopped and looked at us for a second and then I said "We are the you know much about our church?" and she said 'yeah I am actually baptized but my family doesn't come to church" and then we proceeded to talk and she told us to come over sometime and gave us her address and everything! I was like wow that was so inspired for us to meet her and now she has invited us into her home of her less active family!!! Crazy. Definitely strengthened my testimony. Coolest part is that I have been praying to recognize promptings better and to follow them!!! So then we went out that night and had some good visits with our Ward Mission Leader from Deep Creek, Bro Lloyd. Sunday was good! Had 3 investigators at sacrament and I gave a talk in one of our sacraments and challenged everyone to pray for a missionary experience and for their friends specifically by name! Had great lesson with Mark and Andrea after church and then went to Bishop Schofield’s house for brunch with them and the Cunningham family and taught a lesson as well to the whole family. The spirit was definitely strong there and completely led my words the whole lesson. Anyways it was a good week! The Hutchinsons made us this food called Blushing Bunnies and it is poached eggs on toast, covered in tomato soup!! SOO good. Like I loved it. Well talk to y'all next week! Much love,

Elder Bean II

Elder Bunker and I, two southern boys serving in Idaho

Ready to go work on the Hutchinson farm!

First time driving in the snow!!

New Year's Eve last week

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