Monday, January 26, 2015

Mission Conference with Elder Ballard

The week was a good one!! On Monday Colten and Diara Webb called us to come over! They had a little scare in the hospital Sunday night (she is due in March). So we gave a blessing and then she asked us to dedicate her home! That was neat. 

Wednesday we went and saw Breiann and Ian and had good fun conversation with them! Some of it was religious which is always good. Went on splits with our Ward Mission and went to see a family named "Wells" and had a fun time! He is the head football coach for Buhl and they are less-active. They just moved here recently and in their previous place they had the missionaries over a lot! So we might start that here as well! 

Thursday we had some great lessons with the Cunninghams, and our new investigator Camille! She is awesome. She is single and at home with her son Gabe (1), but the fiancĂ© comes around every now and then. She has a set of twins (boy and girl, 18) that live in Twin falls and he is going on a mission this summer! So she wants to be baptized before then! I am excited for her she is a great lady and really is putting her life into order! We set a baptismal date for the 28th of February! But that might change especially with her boyfriend living there off and on. Then that night we went to the Webb's (Colten and Diara) and had an awesome time there. He just stopped for a moment and said "There is such a good vibe here and I haven't felt this in 15 years" it hit me so hard that he felt the spirit there. Diara said he never finds anyone he gets a long with this well and they absolutely love us and tell us it all the time! It was a huge testimony builder that we are called to this area because there are people only we can touch and reach out to! It is awesome and days like this make my whole mission worth it. 

Friday we took a trip to Castleford and saw some awesome people. We saw the Lloyd's (less-active) and they welcomed us in and we talked for a long time! They also said they want to feed us (they are chef's haha) and I am looking forward to it! Already have a good relationship with them. Then we went to the Pehrsons! Awesome young family. Josh, Ellen and their cute little daughter Paige (8 months old I think). They are way cool active family. He is an RM and so we swap mission stories lol. He gave us each a tie! he has like a collection of over 100! It was an awesome tie he gave me. Paisley with pink/purple! Then we watched his high school football/wrestling highlights and we swapped sports stories too haha. Ellen felt left out so she said next time we have to watch her dancing videos lol. 

Saturday we were in Twin Falls most of the day! Had Mission Conference with M. Russell Ballard of the 12 and Marcus B. Nash of the 70. They were great and I learned a lot! It is cool to see Ballard act normal and joke around with us! He was fun.

Sunday! We had special stake conference and Marcus B. Nash came and spoke to our stake! Colten and Diara showed up and sat next to us!!! It was awesome and that was like his first time back to church since he was like 15... They are so awesome though. They have scripture study every night now!! I love them haah. It was Papa Kelsey's (the person not the place ahha) birthday yesterday and Mama invited us to come eat with them and have fun so we did and we helped prepare the food and clean up! Mama K is so awesome :) She is the funniest lady.  We gave Mark and Andrea blessings yesterday! They were sick and it was a great experience and they both made comments about how cool it was and how they felt. 

It was a good week and really enjoyed the great moments with people! Remember that Christ is our Saviour and Redeemer! He loves us so much and is always watching over us. As we seek after him in prayer and reading he will come to us! Quote from mission conference: "Christ is only as close as you allow him to be" it is so true! Love and Miss y'all!!

Elder Bean II
Our district, I'm sitting on Elder Risley's shoulders, he's the district leader

Study time at my desk

Lunch, mmmmm

I add pictures to my mission planners

Dinner at the Hutchinsons, Elder Bunker with Steven and Colton,
friends that live with the Hutchinsons

Jordan Hutchinson

Georgia and Tori, Roland was out of town

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