Monday, May 11, 2015

Transfers - Staying in Buhl and Getting Another Companion

Good week, found out transfers. Both Elder Moser and I are staying, but we are also getting Elder Bagley so we will be a trio here in Buhl! I am excited for this new experience!

Had a fun tuesday and the Binghams made us some super good dinner. Steak and roasted potatoes. Then we went to Stake Correlation and Bro Bowman was there so it was actually not bad.

Wednesday we helped Jen Nelson make a stand-up chalkboard sign for outside her salon and then she got us haircuts there from her workers. Had some super good visits with people that day too!

The Nelsons are so awesome and we are getting pretty close to them. We went to Boeden's soccer game Saturday and he gets so distracted so it was funny to watch. 

Elder Amezcua taught me how to play 'Clocks'-Coldplay on the piano! It is super easy and way cool. Also on Thursday the Naegle's made us some good southern food, Jumbalia and Cornbread! (not sure how to spell jumbalia) Sis. Knudson did some more reflexology/massage therapy on my back and it felt so good and took away a ton of stress and pain! It was super cool. 

Friday we went by Bro. Cole's house and he let us drive his Razr around the neighborhood haha. It was way fun. Then at night we went out to Balance Rock Park for the Father/Son campout and had good food and went hiking with Josh Pehrson and his dog Cooper.

This weekend was fun! Got to skype y'all which was awesome!! I loved seeing y'all and hearing y'all's voices. The Morgans made some super good smoked tri-tip and ribs and homeade ice cream! Also had chocolate covered strawberries at the Hutchinsons! It was a good Mother's Day and I thought about you a lot momma :) All the many things you have done for me and how awesome you are. All the times I have ever struggled you have been there and have been the most amazing mother I could ever ask for. You love me even when I don't deserve it and I love that! I love you momma and always will <3. 

Love, Elder Bean II

With Elders, Mejia, Amezcua and Rosales drinking mango jarritos 

Idaho Sunrise

Sunrise at Balance Rock last week

With Elder Moser, ready to get to work!

Game face
Driving the Razr

Josh Pehrson and his dog Cooper

Happy Mother's Day

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