Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trio of Elders

This week was fun and was interesting to be in a trio since Wednesday!

Wednesday we went to transfer meeting so we could get Elder Bagley to form the trio! Elder Risley gave me his bag cause he was going home and Elder Kennedy is also going home. Two missionaries that were a lot of fun and I am going to miss!

Visited a couple families that night to introduce Elder Bagley and it was good.

Friday we had a district meeting and it was a lot of fun!! Also we taught some good lessons. Taught the Wilder's about the Temple (going to the Payson UT temple open house Saturday). Had a cool opportunity to give Bob Graybeal Sr. a blessing because of his health. (not a member)

This weekend was great! Had stake conference and President and Sister Curtis came to both the Saturday night and Sunday morning sessions (they had to speak). Very good messages from all the speakers. A lot of it was about the Sabbath Day and how to deepen our understanding of it and make it more of a spiritual experience when we take the sacrament.

Saturday night they showed us some trainings from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve to the Seventy's. Then there was an open discussion about it! Pretty neat!

Sunday was a good day and I really enjoyed it. Went to Castleford last night and visited with a couple families and it was good!! We had a fun week and some good things happened!

I am excited for this upcoming week because this Wednesday we get to go to the temple!!! So pumped. 

Love y'all!!

-Elder Bean II

A member made these ties for us!

Elder Bean, Bagley, Moser

Elder Risley passed the Indiana Jones satchel onto me when he went home.

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