Monday, July 27, 2015

A Baptism and Pioneer Day Celebrations

It was a really good week again!

We stayed pretty busy and didn't have hardly any slow hours, which was nice. I can tell the Lord has been blessing us and this area. Tuesday we talked to a lot of people and taught 4 lessons just in that day! While at dinner at the Mclaughlins, one of their friends was there and we shared a little of L-1 and Sister Mclaughlin did a solid job at being a missionary and invited him to hear our lessons and set a return appt for Tuesday the 28th! It was really cool to see.

Wednesday was really good and we saw this guy, Pineapple and he is 79 year old Hawaiian man and he is so fit and energized it is crazy. He bikes so far, like 100s of miles all the time like its nothing. We met this girl, Desa Qualls, outside and talked with her about the gospel and she was super nice and said we could come back this Wednesday. She has met with missionaries before, and read some of the Book of Mormon and had some questions about the church!

Finished up Tara's lessons and she was baptized on Saturday! It was such a neat baptism and a lot of people attended. Also they all came to church the next day too which was neat.

Friday was the Pioneer Day Stake Celebration and the missionaries in the stake helped serve food. (I think they said they were expecting over 800 people) and I saw a lot of nonmembers/less-actives come to it! The food was really good and then they had team roping, calf scramble for kids, handcart races, and water pig races ahha. It was a lot of fun and we had a good time with some families we are teaching that came!

Things are going well here in Gooding! I love serving and I love the Lord, we listen to some cool talks in the car while we drive and I love it because then I am constantly learning new things. I love the Gospel and Jesus Christ! He is our Savior and Redeemer and because of Him there is no end. I know it to be true. I know that true happiness and peace comes only through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and striving to be exact obedient to all his commandments. 

I love y'all!

-Elder Bean II

Tara's baptism, she was baptized by her husband, Ben.
Corn field

Wendell Stake Pioneer Day celebration

In front of my house

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