Monday, July 13, 2015

Had a Good Week of Finding and Having People Come to Church

So good week!

Had really good lessons with the people we are teaching and we had a good week of finding and having people come to church. Tara Blunt is still set to be baptized on the 25th at 8 pm! 

Oh so I forgot to mention there is this cool road in Gooding called Rollercoaster Road. The name explains it! We have fun going down that road and teach some families that live on it ahha. 

Friday did exchanges with the District Leader and that was interesting because I stayed in my area and got Elder Marcelo so I had to lead out and I barely even know the town or the people. Still got the work done though.

Saturday we helped out with a Fun Run donation event for Bishop McHan. (1st ward, not ours). He has cancer and they did this to support him! It was fun and got to mingle with all the members and some nonmembers. We helped someone move into our area and they are a part member family and we are going to start teaching them!  

Then for the rest of the day we did exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Garrish to Jerome and had a ton of fun. He relates to me so well (cool, athlete, bro) and we had a good time. Met this guy, John Warren, and he is THE man of Jerome. Also we unexchanged that night and met up with the other elders in Fairfield, which is an hour away so we had a lot of time to talk about things and it was really good. 

Stayed the night in Fairfield at the Kelsey's house up there. (They were a family from Buhl). Then went to church at the branch in the morning and came back for church in Gooding too! 

Yesterday was just great. The Spirit of the Sabbath is so wonderful and it brightened my whole week. Gave me so much inspiration and motivation to constantly become better and know that it is possible to overcome ALL things through Christ!    ~ Helaman 5:12 ~   

Much Love, Elder Bean II

Exchange with Elder Marcelo, he's from Peru.

With Elder Manygoats

With Elder Garrish one of the Zone Leaders

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