Monday, July 6, 2015

Zone Meeting - Becoming Consecrated to the Lord!

Hey it was another good week in Gooding, ID

So we didn't go to Fairfield this week at all, but we have permission that when we do go (which we are planning on going this weekend) we can spend the night up there on Saturday night, and stay for church the next morning! I am super excited to do that cause then we can get a lot more work done and not have to drive back late at night!

We are still teaching Tara and Ben Blunt and she is still set for baptism on July 25th! Also Ben was ordained to office of priest yesterday so he will be able to baptize her! We also started to teaching their kids (who weren't interested at first). Deva (16) and Charlee (11). Kylee is too young to be baptized but she listens. She is a funny little girl.

We are teaching David and Colleen and they are going to get married on the 15th next week! It is exciting because David really wants to be baptized and he has been ready for it. He is such a good guy, came from a rough upbringing/past but has changed so much. Only has to overcome smoking and then he is good for baptism! He is hilarious and always have funny things to say. But he is also serious about spiritual things too!

Had a Zone Meeting on Friday about not 'just doing missionary things' but becoming consecrated to the Lord! Also talked about Finding and working with members! I am excited for the commitments this month and I feel like we are focusing more on increasing how prepared we are and how many people we talk to! Also committing members to do missionary work and teaching them how easy it can be! 

I love it here and I love the mission. It is so amazing and truly a blessing to be sharing the Gospel with others. I have taken it for granted in the past but I realize how great it really is!

Love y'all. Elder Bean II

Heading to appointments with Elder Manygoats.
It's a little hot here!

Our house
Inside our house

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