Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Obedience in the Morning, Diligence in the Afternoon, Brings Miracles in the Evening!

So last Monday we played sand volleyball and some basketball with other missionaries and then that night we went to the Ray's. They had a bonfire, hot dogs and s'mores, so it was way fun. We had an appointment right after that though, and while we were at the Ray's I got the thought that maybe we should reschedule and just stay here and enjoy this. So glad that I did not go through with that. We went to the lesson with the Koch's and it was powerful. Read 1 Nephi 13 and the Spirit was so strong. They felt it and I could see it on their countenances. We invited them to church and for the first time they accepted eagerly! I realized looking back that the adversary tried to sway us from going there. He put in my mind that I should stay and 'enjoy myself' instead of doing what I am called to do and serve others. I am thankful the Lord helped me realize this!

On Tuesday we had interviews with President Curtis and they were awesome. Then we went to a funeral in Wendell. Mario Reyes (19) died in a car wreck and he was a recent convert preparing for a mission. The spirit was so strong there. One of the missionaries that taught him, Elder Slavens, who is home now, came back and sang a musical number that was way good.

Wednesday when we went to the Hales we had another good experience. We have been reading in the Bible with them and this time she asked if we could read in the Book of Mormon! She walks with Sis. Snow every morning and they talk about the Gospel and Sis. Snow gave her 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World' and she loved it (especially due to recent events in the world). So we read with her in 1 Nephi 2-4 and it was really good! She was very engaged and her husband, Bro. Hales (also a nonmember) had really good things to say and he even answered her questions sometimes. He has studied a lot of religions and read the Book of Mormon 17 years ago. 

Also had David and Colleen's wedding that night! It was great and then the next day we set a baptism date for August 22nd with him! He has things to overcome but he is down to earth and humble guy and is way fun to be around and teach.

Friday was good too. The day was slow but the night was good! Obedience in the morning, Diligence in the afternoon, brings Miracles in the evening. It was so true. We went to the Hutchings (recent convert and recently activated member) and had a good time talking with them. They have a ton of horses since he buys/sells and trains them. Also Bro. Hutching and I got into a really good gospel conversation and it turned out really well! They are a good family!

Then went to Ben and Mayda Hatfields and had a great time. Talked about organization of the church and Ben bore his testimony and said things that have shown him how it is true, and they both mentioned experiences on how they have a testimony of paying tithing! So cool to see, and we are hoping that Mayda continues to progress towards baptism in the future.

Saturday we went to Fairfield and met some cool people and some good potential. Taught a lesson to a part-member family. Most of Fairfield is part-member families actually.

Sunday we went over to the Blunts with Bro. Scott! We taught a lesson and he set up the program for Tara's baptism this Saturday at 8 pm!! We are so excited for them. She has taken the lessons so many times and this time it is the right time! 

All is going well here in Gooding. I really like it here and I love Fairfield. Other than Texas, I want to live in Fairfield lol. It is so sweet up there. (it was like 60 degrees up there!)  

I loved this week and all the experiences we had! Love y'all!

-Elder Bean II

OH YEAH!! Forgot to add that on Saturday on the way to Fairfield I had another neat experience. So it has to do with that picture of Elder Manygoats and I together with the valley in the background. That spot is a spot where you can pull over and take pictures and stuff, and when we came up on it while driving I felt like we should stop so we did and there was a lady standing next to her car. So we get out and take some pics and then ask her to take one of us! She did and we started talking and talked for like 10 minutes and then at the end I felt like we should ask her to hear our message. We shared a little with her and then asked her and she said Sure!! So got her info and are going to send it to the mission office to give to the missionaries in her area! Neat experience and I realized "what if we hadn't of stopped?' or 'what if we never would of invited her?'. I hope all goes well and that the missionaries end up teaching her and her family! She has a husband and a baby girl too.

Picture spot on the way to Fairfield

Fairfield, it's a small town for sure!

David and Colleen's wedding

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