Monday, August 24, 2015

Gooding County Fair and Rodeo - Missionary Opportunities

It was a busyyyy week! 

Tuesday was Temple day! Love the Temple and everything it symbolizes and the feelings of peace there. 

Wednesday we had a Zone Conference in Jerome from 8:00 - 3:00. Learned a lot about the Godhead and the Recognizing and Following the Holy Ghost.  Went to the Gooding County Fair/Rodeo Parade on Main street! It was cool and talked to a lot of people there! Only got one picture of the airplane in the parade cause you don't see that everyday. 

I was still sick most all week, still worked but it was tough. Thursday was nice cause we stayed in and planned most of the day so I got to relax and heal more. 

Friday and Saturday were good! Both nights we were at the fair. Not the whole night, just some. Hard to set appts this week due to everyone being at the Fair/Rodeo. Friday night we got into the Rodeo and got to see some of it! Also saw a lot of people from Buhl there! Super cool to talk with them again :) 

One of our investigators, Deva, is a cheerleader for Gooding High School and they had a dunk tank so we went and dunked her in that! Haha.

Saturday we also set up return appts with two potentials! We are excited to see how it goes this week. Also did not get to go up to Fairfield, but we are going possibly twice this week and also giving talks in Fairfield this Sunday! 

Yesterday was a good Sunday. Church from 7:30 to 4:00 no big deal right? haha it was sweet but exhausting to say the least. The Maugers got their baby blessed and asked us to stand in on it! They had twins so that was double the blessing! We are working with them and they have been active for about a month and a half now! They are a cool family. They BBQ'd last night and invited us for that and it was fun! 

Also went and saw the Nebekers last night and had a good time talking with Ty and Thane. They are a cool family and always good to visit and help out. 

I love being on a mission. At first I was here because I knew that is what I needed to do. Now I am here because I love the Lord. The most important thing we can do is love the Lord and if we do that then everything else falls into line... commandments, ordinances, scriptures, prayer, church, all of it! If we love the Lord we will submit ourselves to His will. HUMBLY submit, not proudly submitting! And when we do that then we will do all that He asks us to do with a loving and willing heart, which will allow blessings to flow into our lives! 

I love y'all.

Elder Bean

Temple trip with the District


Gooding County Fair/Rodeo

With Ty Nebeker, I love this guy!

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