Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Week Had its Ups and Downs

This week had its ups and downs!

Went to the Nebeker's last Monday for FHE and had a good time there! They are such a neat family and some of the best people I have met. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with Mayda Hatfield and she brought up some concerns and right now she is 'sitting on the fence'. We are going again this week and hope to help her choose the side she wants to be on! 

Wednesday we had dinner with the Blunts (Ben made such a good pork loin roast) and Deva gave the lesson on the 'Fall of Adam and Eve'! Then we went to Fairfield and taught Erika and her fiance Josh! Took the Rick's with us and shared the Restoration video!

We have been going to the Senior Citizen's center a couple times during lunch and helping Sis. Nebeker (Momma Neb's is what everyone calls her) with serving/preparing food and then we get to eat! It is cool because 80% of those people are not LDS and we get to have good conversations with a lot of them! They have enjoyed us being there so far!

 Yesterday during the Gooding 2nd ward, Dakota Harden gave his farewell talk since he leaves this week on his mission to Bakersfield, CA.. A ton of people were there and the whole meeting was so spiritually powerful. The Elders Quorum Pres talked first and gave a very powerful talk on sacrament, Jesus Christ, and being who we claim to be. All the YM and leaders got up (and us) and sang the Army of Helaman song. IT was powerful. I was fasting yesterday and the spirit during the talks was overwhelming my body, but when we sang I thought I was going to pass out from the Spirit (like in the B of M haha). We were at church from 7:30-3 yesterday... about 8 hours. and usually we stay til 4 haha. But we left early to go to the Harden's place for his open house! 

Strangest thing happened, I met another Elder Bean! Well he isn't Elder now because he has been home 2 months, but he was at church and the open house because his fiance is cousins to the Hardens. He lives in Burley! Kinda cool maybe I will serve in Burley someday and meet all the Beans (I have heard my whole mission that there is a lot there).

Also yesterday at the Blunts, Charlee gave the lesson on the Creation! And Deva and Hayden are doing a combined lesson this Friday! It is cool to have the kids do the lesson and they learn more that way! Their dad still won't let them be baptized...

David's baptism this week is off and the Brown's has been moved to the end of this month or September.

I love y'all and miss y'all a ton. 

-Elder Bean

Elder Edmonds, Dakota Harden, Me

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