Monday, August 10, 2015

I Love the Knowledge and Peace the Gospel Brings

It was another good week in Gooding, ID! 

Transfers were on Wednesday and E. Edmonds and I are now companions officially. We did a lot of good work this week and taught a lot of lessons! Most I have ever taught in a week on my mission. 

We visited the Natal's almost everyday this week. Helping David not smoke and helping clean the house cause Colleen's arm is broken. He is still set for baptism on August 22nd!

Super cool thing happened with this family the Browns who we have been trying to teach for a while. While visiting, the two unbaptized kids told us they wanted the lessons for baptism so we taught Plan of Salvation super simply and they want to be baptized on Aug. 19th! Not completely solid yet, have to talk to mom still and find good day (she wasn't home this week). It was pretty cool!

Met up with Steven who we helped move in, and invited him to ward BBQ and church! He agreed and came to both!! He also said he has some questions for us and to come by this week! He is a cool guy and has a super neat background and he is very prepared for the gospel!

Yesterday was cool for this family, the Thiemann's, who we visit a lot. She is a recent convert and he is recently activated and they are so solid! They read and pray every night at as a family and do family home evenings and everything! They are way fun too. Well, Shawn (the dad) got the Melchizedik Priesthood yesterday! He also asked us to stand in and it was super cool. 6 months and they can be sealed as a family!! It is so neat to see the gospel bless people and seeing them progress in it.

I love the Lord and I love his truth that has been restored to us! I love the knowledge and peace the gospel brings and I want so badly for so many in this world to be freed from their guilt and their afflictions through the Atonement of Jesus Christ! He truly loves us and has all power to enable us to be greater than we could ever be on our own. 

Love y'all,

Elder Bean

Lunch last Monday, yummy Mexican food

The new digs in Gooding with Elder Edmonds


Ward BBQ

Elder Edmonds pushing the Patton girls around on the table dolly.

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